Building Better Companies

CoBuilder is a consulting organization that helps clients with organizing business relationships and processes, as well as optimizing sales processes, new marketing ideas, fostering business alliance and/or channel development, finding and preparing for funding through investment or M&A, and outsourced management services.


Our clients typically want to:


  • Improve existing processes and procedures

  • Research market opportunities for a new product or service

  • Create or upgrade finance, sales and/or marketing programs

  • Generate more leads, more revenue and more profit

  • Find new channels, partners, opportunities in North America or Europe

  • Prepare plans and documents, seek sources for funding via private or institutional investment, or merger/acquisition pre and post planning

  • Use experienced personnel to perform corporate functions in interim and long-term situations

CoBuilder has Partners located in California (Silicon Valley and Los Angeles), and in France covering Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

The Team


Doug Davis

Managing Partner

Doug's background is in sales, marketing, operations and finance executive management in technology and financial services companies. He has helped build pipeline, revenue and profit in startup and growth companies.

Doug has been a C-level executive in both private and public companies.

He has an AB from Stanford University and an MBA from The Anderson School at UCLA.

Caron Caldwell


Caron is an expert in large scale business development and general company management. She is currently GM of a software company.


Eric Shuss


Eric is an industry expert in AI, cryptocurrency, robotics and supply chain. A former CEO and COO, he has a deep background in growing companies.

Jean-Michel Guillou

Partner - EMEA

With many years of business development for technology companies in both the US and in Europe, Jean-Michel is an expert in opening doors within Europe to companies seeking a fast-track to pipeline, revenue and profit.

DM headshot.png

David Mittelman

Partner - CTO USA

David, located in Silicon Valley, CA USA, is our technology guru. He is a computer science and AI engineer with significant expertise in devops. He recently worked with a real-time food consumption data and predictive analytics company.

Vincent Franceschini

Partner - CTO EMEA

Vincent is our technology Partner in Europe.


He spent many years leading and advising technology and strategy teams 

for successful business developments for Tech-focused industries around the globe.

Vincent is located in Sophia Antipolis, France where he runs his consulting practice to support business growth based on innovation. 

VF Headshot.jpg